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Todas alterações

v2.1.1Fixed a small bug
v2.1.0We are now with YAPP! We are also taking to a more core experience, now the about page is the same in every app, also the language support and code. That means that it is easier to fix bugs in every app. And because of that, this month is all about fixing bugs.
I improved all language support, also I fixed several bugs.
v2.0.0Over the last month I had worked to create a solid system to be the core of every of my apps. And for now on, it is easy to fix bugs and add new functions.
Better design with a new logo, also responsive design.
You are now going to be asked for rate this app. Please rate it and make a developer happy!
A lot of bugs was fixed. Mostly on the layout.
Now there is a help content! Enjoy it!
We are now in English, Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese.
The about page was totally remade.
Now available for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1!
Now you can sort decimal numbers!
You can see now what numbers was sorted.
v1.0.1Fixed bugs and better performance.