We redesign one site, and it looks incredible

With just a few changes the vtnorton.com website has totally changed, and in this article I’m going to explain what was made and why. The vtnorton.com site is one “hub-site”, it has links to every of my project, like “Garoto de Programa” and “Y’APP”. Also links for social media, ebooks, and information about events and […]

Random 42, Time Calculator, Conjugar updated, check the changelog

BesidesI had develop some amazing and small other apps, and I’m bringing to the store an uptade to then. Notes As you know, the #NeverEver, the #TrueOrDare and isn’t going to be supported anymore, so no more update to then. Also the Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 isn’t going to receive any other update […]

New update to Formula – Universal Code Editor – v1.2.83

Today I’m proud to annunce that one big update was sent to the store and will be avaliable as soon as it pass the certification. This update was the first since the was released that included your feedback. The main priority in this update was to fix commun issues. So here is the changelog of […]

A new website hits the web: #DengueZero

I’m happy to announce one more site that I created, and I invite you to take a look in it.  This website shows a few tips of how to prevent the Aedes Aegypti and show a little map of the city Marataízes (Espírito Santo – Brazil) of the main occurrences. This website is non-profit website, […]

Just a glance in the next version of Formula

Wow! You guys are awesome! I received so many feedbacks about , from all sort of devices and countries. The reviews, wow, the reviews… I was expecting something totally different, but every single one of you embraced my idea that I’m bringing with . So I had to put my hands on and make a […]

Bug bash: help me find my mistakes

What is it? When I see something that can help me, in some ways, I stay energized instantly to do the same. Isn’t different this time. I’m running a What is it? Is a procedure where all the developers, testers, program managers, usability researchers, designers, documentation folks, and even sometimes marketing people, put aside their […]

Building Formula: Choosing the name

Last week I released a new app: And different of any app I made so far, this is complex, and not easy to develop. So thinking in all the process of building it I decide to make a series of “Building ” to speak the whole process of building it. And I’m going to start […]

New app released: Formula – Universal Code Editor

Today I’m glad to say that I am releasing my 8th app to the store. Yes! 8th. And I couldn’t be more happier. Besides every other app, this wasn’t a weekend project that I made just for fun. Ok, I lie, I made just for fun, but, it took one month to developer. With the help […]

#TrueOrDare and #NeverEver no longer available for download

Once upon a time, there was two apps, made for drunk people. Now they are resting in peace, I already told the reason here. You won’t be able to download any update and to found them on the Store. All the source of this apps is in my GitHub and you are more than welcome to […]

Let’s go Opensource

I am happy to announce that today, every of my app is now open source and you can help me improve all of this amazing apps. I spend the last days moving all of the codes from VSTS to Git. Why? Only one reason: to be open source. When I moved this project, I also […]