Livecoding agenda for December 2016

You know that I love coding and I love streaming it at (it even has a tile at my homepage), but what you may not know, and this isn`t a secret at all, I`m working on a Top Secret Project (aka: M!xer). So, I just can`t streaming all the time, but sometimes, I publish an open source project (like True Dark Mode) and I do can stream it. So here is my streaming agenda for you all:

In the following days I`m going to stream (at 11pm Brasilia Time) me building True Dark Mode, that is a Microsoft Extension to make every website join the dark mode:

  • December 6-8;
  • December 11, 14 and 15;
  • December 18 to 22 (except December 20);

Please note that after December 22 I`m going to be on vacation mode for a while (until February 22! YEP two months!). Please note that I said vacation mode and not vacation itself, I`m still going to work but with no Feedback answer, no Slack, no Yammer, no Teams, no GitHub, no Stream and no smartphone and my schedule is going to be lighter. I just can`t stop working.

Vítor Norton

I don't dream, I do a lot of things. Sou desenvolvedor Windows e Web, tenho o título de Windows Insider MVP (Anteriormente Microsoft MVP: Windows Experience), tenho uma empresa (Y'APP) e uma startup (M!xer). Sou escritor, programador, artista, mágico e inventor.