October update: New, new, new… What’s new?

  You know, I like updates. I like changes. I like news. So it`s time to say what I`m working on. And let`s start by talking about the update cicle of my products. Update cycle During the year of 2015 I released an update every friday. Yes! Every friday. But, sometimes it was just a […]

Just a glance in the next version of Formula

Wow! You guys are awesome! I received so many feedbacks about , from all sort of devices and countries. The reviews, wow, the reviews… I was expecting something totally different, but every single one of you embraced my idea that I’m bringing with . So I had to put my hands on and make a […]

Dropping support of Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 apps

Ok, so another sad news. With the release of I will no long support and Windows 8.1 applications. The process of developing one app takes a long time, and for old versions of Windows it is necessary to build another app for and another for Windows 8.1. I am now focusing in make a lot […]

About the March Update for every of my apps!

Last year I was crazy and tried to make one app every week. For 5 weeks I had focus in made 5 apps. It worked, but this apps has a lot to be improved. I’m not going crazy this year, but I am going to commit in release one update for every app every month. […]

[pt] Mais informações sobre os novos aplicativos: regiões e compatibilidade

Está faltando uma semana para começar a lançar os meus aplicativos para Windows, a ideia é simples: ao menos um aplicativo por semana. Mas que dia da semana? Qual dia da semana é o melhor dia da semana? Claro que é a sexta-feira! Então na próxima semana irei lançar uma atualização – um tanto que […]