Bug bash: help me find my mistakes

What is it?

When I see something that can help me, in some ways, I stay energized instantly to do the same. Isn’t different this time. I’m running a bug bash! What is it? Is a procedure where all the developers, testers, program managers, usability researchers, designers, documentation folks, and even sometimes marketing people, put aside their regular day-to-day duties and find the bugs in the system. 

What is going to be affected?

So, in June 26 (Sunday) I’m running a bug bash with my team members and partners, and why not, with you! A whole day where I exclusively will find bugs in the following systems:

I’m looking for all kind of bugs, but the priority of the moment is Formula – Universal Code Editor, mostly in the save options/tabs/integration with the system.

How can I participate?

To start you can download my apps or access my web sites and look for erros. All kind of erros: failing app, broken links, spell, design erros, any type is valid. Find a error and talk about it with me, on my e-mail contato@vtnorton.com or my Twitter (@vt_norton) or any other method you can possible imagine, including the comments in this blog. Until day 26 I want to reflesh and increase my bug database so I can fix is ASAP.

It is already running, so what is not working?

Ok, let’s not get too excited! There is something I have to talk first. You can’t say something like: “Look, the app is crashing” or “The app crashed”. Please write more than these, to help me understand the problem, something like: “The ads in Conjugar is not allowing me to see the content” or “I can’t save files at Formula” and “you website is offline”.

In Juny 26, what’s going to happen?

I will be on Twitter looking the bugs that I find and fixing it. The interations is going to be constant. There I will also ask a lot of task to do (like: “Save a file in Formula”, “Create a new file in Formula with .none as extention”). This will help me know what is must important to fix first.

During this day I’m going to streaming the whole process of collecting data and fixing it (I’m not going tho streaming Formula).

Also I will be in touch with some of you that reported a bug so I can get more information about it.

Of course, not every bug is going to be fixed already, but those is going to be in July Update.

Vítor Norton

I don't dream, I do a lot of things. Sou desenvolvedor Windows e Web, tenho o título de Windows Insider MVP (Anteriormente Microsoft MVP: Windows Experience), tenho uma empresa (Y'APP) e uma startup (M!xer). Sou escritor, programador, artista, mágico e inventor.