Vítor Norton

I don't dream, I do a lot of things. Sou desenvolvedor Windows e Web, tenho o título de Windows Insider MVP (Anteriormente Microsoft MVP: Windows Experience), tenho uma empresa (Y'APP) e uma startup (M!xer). Sou escritor, programador, artista, mágico e inventor.

Atualizando o app Conjugar! Agora com verbos irregulares

Hoje estou lançando uma atualização das grandes para o aplicativo Conjugar! Durante o último mês estive refazendo o código do aplicativo. Sim, ele pode até aparentar igual, mas ele está bem mais polido e terá bem menos erros, além de novidades animadoras que você pode conferir abaixo. Verbos Irregulares É com muito prazer que hoje […]

Released Formula v2.1.167 – see what’s new

Happy new year! And to help you have an amazing year, let’s start with an update to Formula – Universal Code Editor, today the app was revamped, and here is what’s new: #New: Added Swift and Visual Basic Support #Improved: Navigation when ading new files (Next and back buttons now is going to be hidden). #Improved: […]

Livecoding agenda for December 2016

You know that I love coding and I love streaming it at livecoding.tv/vtnorton (it even has a tile at my homepage), but what you may not know, and this isn`t a secret at all, I`m working on a Top Secret Project (aka: M!xer). So, I just can`t streaming all the time, but sometimes, I publish […]

Let’s create a dark web with True Dark Mode for Edge

It doesn’t matter of your Windows is in dark mode or in the light mode. The websites you visit aren’t, so this Microsoft Edge extension is about to change it. When enabled, this extension will put your favorite web site in the dark mode! So don’t forget to put Windows and Edge in Dark Mode. […]

Answering feedback #01: Formula v2.0.144

A couple of day ago, I received a feedback sent from the built-in feedback feature on . The user sent me 5 points of feedback, and like I always do, I answer all of them. But, for now on, I’m going to share some of my answers of these feedbacks. Here is a close look at […]

Released Formula v2.0 – see what’s new

I’m glad to announce that had find his way to version 2.0! There is a lot of people using it every day (including on HoloLens) so I need to make it better, and with this update, you are going to love even more. Let me just say that: your feedback was so important to make […]

October update: New, new, new… What’s new?

  You know, I like updates. I like changes. I like news. So it`s time to say what I`m working on. And let`s start by talking about the update cicle of my products. Update cycle During the year of 2015 I released an update every friday. Yes! Every friday. But, sometimes it was just a […]

Beta program: Formula – Universal Code Editor

is a great app, but there are many things to work out. Many bugs to fix and find. And to be honest, I’m not having to much time to find this bugs, and that’s the part you can help me! You already know that you can send me feedback and report an issue, and that […]

What is Terre? What is changed?

If you followed me into the last year you probably heard about . This is the codename for all my applications. Terre is “world” in French, and all projects has a name of one city. Quebec for for and so on. When I started the project terre, the biggest deal was to release one app each week, […]

Conjugar: small update + dropping support of Win8.1 and WP8.1

Hello guys, have been a while since I don’t post anything here, right? Well, this isn’t going to be a big post. Just to let you know that I sent an update to the with bug fixing for . This update is only avaliable for Windows 10 users. I know that the biggest part of […]