A few updates: new contact ways, Youtube, beta apps and more

Once in a while, I make a few modifications and updates in some areas, this is the space where I share to you what I am doing. Here are one list of a few updates that was made in this past week.

  1. The beta apps for “Calculadora de Tempo” and “Random 42” was stopped. I am not more supporting beta apps, and they will not have any more updates.
  2. New channel for contact: I am introducing today two new e-mail accounts where you can entry in contact with me: contact@vtnorton.com and feedback@vtnorton.com. If you prefer to talk in Portuguese you can use the old contato@vtnorton.com. Feel free to send feedback or bug report with this feedback email or any other way you can find (Twitter, Facebook and others).
  3. New Youtube channel: Isn’t secret that I am loving streaming my codes, and my Youtube channel is a great place for you to watch my streams and the time lapses (usually two hours in two minutes). Here is some example, and here. So, please, subscribe it and like my videos.
  4. vNext editor in chief: Now I am editor in chief of one of the biggest websites that bring news about Microsoft and Windows in Brazil. That is great, and you can find more information here.

Vítor Norton

I don't dream, I do a lot of things. Sou desenvolvedor Windows e Web, tenho o título de Windows Insider MVP (Anteriormente Microsoft MVP: Windows Experience), tenho uma empresa (Y'APP) e uma startup (M!xer). Sou escritor, programador, artista, mágico e inventor.